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McDonald's Support Sports

McDonald’s has always been a proud sponsor of our young athletes both on a local and a national basis.  We would like to continue this tradition throughout Spartanburg and Greenville counties. Some ideas include a “McDonald’s Player of the Week” for different sports which would be featured in the local newspaper or school website.  Also, we are willing to provide our 10 gallon igloo coolers to store liquids during different sporting events and give special food offers for hospitality rooms and visiting teams. 

McColoring Contests

Your class can color a picture of Ronald McDonald or Grimace and have them displayed at one of our restaurants.  Invite your students and their families for a “night out at McDonald’s” at which time designated judges can choose the best pictures.  Everyone who participates in the contest can receive a “Be Our Guest Card” for a free small fry or cheeseburger.  The Winners can receive a free meal for themselves and their families.

Large Group Discounts

Raise funds for your group by sponsoring a car wash at McDonald’s.  We will provide the water and the space. All proceeds from the event will go to your organization.​

McDonald's Rewards and Recognition

Reward and Recognize your students with McDonald’s food coupons or Gift Certificates. Great for Attendance and Academic Rewards!​

McDonald's Refreshments

Help quench that thirst during meetings, special events, etc. by providing your guests with a cool serving of Mickey-D sweet tea. We can provide our signature sweet tea in gallon jugs or in a 10 gallon igloo cooler.

McMasterpiece / Art-on-Display

Recognize your student’s wonderful talents by displaying their artwork at one of our restaurants.  Each student can be further rewarded by presenting them with a “Be Our Guest” card for a free small french fry, cheeseburger or dessert.

How can we help your group or organization? 

Ronald McDonald Appearances

Your children can have a chance to learn from a special friend they relate to – Ronald McDonald.  In the tradition of live performance school shows, McDonald’s would be proud to bring you one of our Educational programs featuring Ronald McDonald.

McMeeting Place

Make McDonald’s your meeting headquarters.  Let us know in advance and we will reserve an area in our large spacious restaurant for your meeting.

Restaurant Tours

Expose your students to the field of Hamburgerology….take them on an unforgettable tour of a McDonald’s Restaurant and allow them to learn the art of hamburger-making from the best in the field.  And while you are there, you might as well have breakfast or lunch with us at a discounted price.

McDonald's Coffee Break

Get your meeting started off with a bang by offering a cup of McDonald’s premium coffee.  We will provide “coffee-in-a-box” filled with steamy, hot McDonald’s coffee.  Also ask about our cinnamon melts and fresh baked cookies.​