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Ronald McDonald Appearances

Your children can have a chance to learn from a special friend they relate to – Ronald McDonald.  In the tradition of live performance school shows, McDonald’s would be proud to bring you one of our Educational programs featuring Ronald McDonald.

Contact our office to discuss plans for your next fundraiser.

McSpirit Nights

This fundraiser is very simple and by far the most popular.  The Organization encourages everyone to eat at McDonald’s on a certain night from 5pm-8pm. They will receive 20% of the total inside sales between these times. Simply call ahead to reserve your date and time and our restaurant team will make it happen!  (Drive-thru sales not included)

McCar Wash

Raise funds for your group by sponsoring a car wash at McDonald’s.  We will provide the water and the space. All proceeds from the event will go to your organization.​

Coupon Booklets

This is an excellent and proven way to raise money for your group.  Your organization can purchase booklets that include 12 free or discounted food coupons.  They can be purchased for $.75 each and sold for $3.00, resulting in a profit of $2.25.  These booklets are well worth the price and are a great way to earn a large amount of money toward your fundraising goals.